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Energy Services

Program Description & Curriculum The purpose of this program is to provide specialized classroom instruction and practical experience to prepare students for employment in support service careers in the energy industry. Upon completion, graduates will understand the principles of electricity and electronics, industrial mechanics and mechanical equipment, and industrial instruments and their basic operations. Graduates will also demonstrate an understanding of the energy industry and the basic tenants of energy exploration and production, and they will be able to perform work functions within the regulatory and safety systems established for the industry. Degrees/Certificates: Certificate of Technical Studies (CTS) Available degrees and certificates may vary at each campus. Check with your local campus for more information. CIP 15.0499 Course # Course Title Lecture/Lab Hours Credit Hours Clock Hours TEED 145 Industrial Mechanical Theory I 2/1 3 90 TEED 146 Industrial Mechanical Theory II 2/1 3 90 ISAF 210 Industrial Safety and OSHA Standards 1/1 2 60 TEED 101 Basic Electricity and Lab 2/1 3 90 MATH 129 Applied Technical Mathematics 2/1 3 90 TEED 153 Hydraulics with Fluid Dynamics and Lab 2/1 3 90 TEED 245 Pumps and Pump Applications and Lab 2/1 3 90 TEED 102 Semiconductor Electronics and Lab 2/1 3 90 CIT 102 Problem Solving and Programming Techniques 2/1 3 90 OGPT 203 Oil and Gas Instrumentation and Lab 2/1 3 90 OGPT 221 Natural Gas Processing...

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WorkKeys Skills Upgrade

CIP 320107 Course Number Course Title Lecture Hours Lab Hours Total Credit Hours Clock Hours WKEY0060 WORKKEYS BASICS I 3 0 3 45 WKEY0061 WORKKEYS BASICS II 3 0 3 45 WKEY0070 WORKKEYS CORE I 3 0 3 45 WKEY0071 WORKKEYS CORE II 3 0 3 45 WKEY0080 WORKKEYS ADVANCED I 3 0 3 45 WKEY0081 WORKKEYS ADVANCED II 3 0 3...

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NWLTC Students First To Receive Snap-On Torque Certification

Northwest Technical College Students First To Receive Snap-On Torque Certification  “I would like to be the first person to congratulate the students of NWLTC on being the first in the state of Louisiana to have received certificates in Snap-On Torque Certification and that NWLTC is the first college in the state certified as a Snap-On Torque Certification Training Center”. —Earl Bailey, Snap-On Industrial Business and Education Manager On September 25 – 26, Earl Bailey, Snap-On Industrial Business and Education Manager, conducted a two-day torque training session at Northwest Louisiana Technical College for seven Industrial Maintenance students and three college...

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